Executive Officers

NPEA Executive Officers (updated 11/28/2017)


Sue Parmelee               West End

Jackie Slattery              Somerset


Stefanie Myers               NP Middle School   (VP of Certificated Staff)

Guido Carrano                NPHS   (VP of ESPs)


Kristen Ebbrecht            NPMS


Renee Heller                  NP High School

Membership Chair

Stefanie Myers               NP Middle School

Grievance Chair

Jennifer Riolo                 NP Middle School

Negotiations Chair

Jennifer Riolo                NP High School

Legislative Chair


Ivan Izeppi                    NPMS

P.R.I.D.E./ FAST Chair

Deanne D’Armiento    NP Middle School

Action Team

Erin Scott                      NPHS

Stefanie Myers             NPMS

Social Chair

Ginger Feola                 NPHS

Stacey Louis                 NPHS

Communications Chair

Camille Ragin          Somerset

Board Staff

Neil Thompson      NPHS

DEAC Chair

Cheryl Lechanski   NP High School

Health & Safety Chair

Robert Meringolo     Stony Brook

Local Evaluation

Aimee Michalski       NPMS


Building Representatives

Sue Dahlinger              East End

Alexis Holbrook          East End

.                                     Somerset

–                                     Somerset

Lisa Cerulo                     West End

Erica Moyer                   West End

Andrew Risoli                NP High School

Sara Spaner                    NP High School

Brian Bigden                  NP High School

Shona Wright                 NP Middle School

Mimi Jen                          NP Middle School

Cindy Crawford            Stony Brook

Sharon Switek              Stony Brook


Liaison/Board Staff

WE Paula Lemos L (chairperson)

WE Kourtney Gisonne L

WE Chris Sepesi L

WE Jason Lilly B

EE Lynelle Thomas L, B

EE Gina Stripto L

EE Stefanie Martin L

EE Meagan McFadden L

EE Lisa Gabriel L

EE Melissa Field L

EE Sue Dahlinger L

SB Sue Garatino L (chairperson)

SB Sharon Switek L

SB Eram Tun L

SB Michele Motichka B

SS Jim McCloskey B

SS Karen Moore L (chairperson)

SS Melissa Hunton L

SS Martha Schultz L

SS Laura Chamberlain L

HS Cheryl Lechanski L

HS John Patrick L (chairperson)

HS Brian Bigden L, B

HS Amy Six B

HS Vincent DelPriore L

MS Kristen Didyoung L

MS Kate Friedman L, B

MS Nicole DiTrani L, B (chairperson)




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